Small but nicely put together…   {click here for some petite lookbooks}

That’s me. A tiny girl from the land of bananas, I am. Only 5′ 0″ in my ballet shoes, not that you would see me wearing them a lot. My relationship with high-heels have been going on since I can remember, even though the pain they cause sometimes are unbearable :). They make my legs a tad longer and slimmer. I am the smallest in a family of 5 girls and 1 boy. (That’s not counting the other half-siblings. Yes my father was a busy man.)

I have less than desirable skin, but I enhanced it with foundations and concealers. I am brown; from head to toe. I have rather nice lips and smile. The only time I have a decent pair of bosom was when I was pregnant, now they are non-existent, literally. But they’re not my thing so I don’t mind. I keep trim doing zumba and exercise and eating well. Or not sometimes, but I can get away with it.

They say you always want what you don’t have. That might have explained why I married a very tall man. But what I lack in height, I compensate with lots of style. Just because you are short does not mean you should be frumpy. Well, it’s up to you! But I personally love clothes, I love wearing them and I love playing with style. I don’t restrict myself to any style and I certainly do not follow fashion rules. If I like something I try it on and if it fits, well let’s wear it baby. And if it’s cheap, all the better. Exactly like this song;

But if the love fits wear it, baby
And if it feels good, put it on
And if it’s not right then just maybe
You’d be better off to leave it alone

I do love shopping, but since it’s an expensive hobby, I decided to try photography. So now I’m an amateur photographer. Just about. 🙂


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