The Americans in London…

This is awesome. Our American family are here for a visit. What wonderful way to end the summer. To spend long days walking around London, having coffee or just lounging in the house having long, endless chat. So good to see all of them. So good to have families visit us. So good to be together again. Dreams do come true; this one took a long time, but the wait was so worth it.

P1070133 P1070132 P1070128 P1070127 P1070097 P1070100 P1070107 P1070110 P1070112 P1070119 P1070090 P1070085 P1070083 P1070082 P1070081 P1070078 IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0105 IMG_0111 IMG_0074 DSC04253 DSC04249 DSC04247 DSC04245 DSC04228 DSC04227 DSC04185 DSC04189 DSC04194 DSC04202 DSC04204 DSC04220 DSC04222


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